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Monday, February 06, 2006

Getting back to work, seriously!

The end of Chase-Pitkin Installed Services is now in sight. I've spent the last week or so tidying up loose ends and assembling year-end info. The weather has been spectacular--gold weather, even! Alas, winter has returned, and with it a more regular work schedule.

This week begins the final CPit kitchen. Mike and I are tackling this one together, so we can gang-up on some windows for his end of the business next week. This is a very strange feeling, knowing we're working for my last CP customer. Nice-looking cabinets, too, by the way. The best part of this job is that we are indoors, working in a nice warm room, while the wind and snow whirls around outside. The next kitchen I write about here will be for my first T. McKenna Plumbing, Inc. customer. "One door closes, another door opens..." And spring is just around the corner, I think! More from me soon...

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