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backsplash features inset metal tiles for accent and texture

Sunday, February 22, 2009

DIY Tile Pic of the Week: Cottage backsplash

Nostalgic cottage-style tile backsplash uses "subway" tiles and more:

cottage tile backsplash in white and tan

This week's project was one that could indeed be completed by a DIYer on a weekend. It's a classic cottage design using "subway" tile (note the offset layout) in two sizes and colors.

The tan tile in 5 by 5 squares forms a visual 5" backsplash. The same color is reflected in the top band (cut to size on site). These tan tiles ground the wall area and frame the off-white subway tile mid-section, creating a three-dimensional effect.

See the small inset tiles in beige? Those are pears, apples, and grapes. This adds to the texture and depth of the stove's backdrop. Using fruit, rather than a more abstract design, makes for a homey feel. This is Gramma's Kitchen, for sure. (Literally, in this case.)

Later, the homeowner will paint the surrounding cabinets using both colors from the tile to follow-through with this theme. Since both hues are neutral, all sorts of bright-color possibilities are open for accessorizing.

At just under thirteen square feet, this job budgets at well under $1,000 and is easily completed in less than ten hours total work time (one weekend is best). Tools required include a wetsaw (rental widely available), and the proper size trowel (per adhesive manufacturer's instructions).

Notice how the mixture of three different tile sizes really makes this difference in this small job?

DIY tile pic for week of Feb 22 2009

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  1. Here are ideas for tile mural installations , tips on framing the tiles and using field tiles to coordinate with the mural.. Considering the use of found vintage labels and a great way to showcase retro art.

  2. Hi Alicia,

    If you'd like to submit one tip and picture for your mural topic, I'll be happy to consider posting it here, with links to your site.

    Let me know, thanks! ~Jim