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Monday, January 09, 2006

Just a regular old Monday again

The holidays are all gone by, and the depths of winter have yet to arrive. It's tough to get back into the swing of a regular work-week again, but I must. Many Mondays are the start of a new project, but not this one. Last week's bathroom in Rush was still there waiting for me when I returned this morning. I don't mind that at all: I know this customer and I know what awaits me for the day.

This was a fun day, as workdays go. Most of the heavy lifting is done, and things are starting to really take shape. I set up shop in the garage, hoping for at least a little sun to light my work zone. No such luck. I did some measuring, some figuring, some router-cutting on my three shower walls. These are solid-surface (like Corian®), and their one funny quirk is that you can't really tell the front from the back. Maybe there isn't any designated "good side." The directions don't even mention making the choice in the first place. I hate reading directions anyway, but I did, just to check. Installing these walls is all about preparation, and a bit of measure twice/cut once. It went fine.

I got a second coat of plaster (yup, it's real plaster on the seams) on my purple walls. So, with the shower looking nearly complete and the walls looking pretty spiffy (yes, that's a word), I'm feeling good about this job. There's plenty of finish and fixture work to do yet, but I'm on the downhill stretch. Talked to Pete S around midday. I was overdue to check-in with him to see what the/our future holds in store. The time when Chase-Pitkin is gone for good is fast approaching. One day at a time for now, though. Until tomorrow, then...

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