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Friday, January 06, 2006

OK to exhale: the sun's out!

Yesterday I bemoaned the lack of sunshine here in Upstate NY; I noted that I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a glimpse. Today I saw that long-lost bright yellow ball for nearly an hour, twice! I had to stop what I was doing and point my face directly toward the sun, eyes closed to its brilliant glare (!). My batteries are hereby recharged. The day started out ominously, with fairly heavy snow. I despise driving in the dark when it's snowing. I drove out of it, though; it was only local lake-effect snow. We got about an inch or so. It sure looked pretty drifting earthward under a partly-sunny sky. So much for the weather.

Today's progress was solid. I told my wife that I amaze myself. She laughed. The important thing is that my customer is at least impressed, if not amazed. In three days her little bathroom has gone from bare studs to completed re-boarded with purple drywall. I'll be ready for some actual finishing touches on Monday. I have to admit, the new paper-color (replacing the old institutional-green) is quite festive. It might be a bit brighter, too, which is helpful in a small room. The stuff is expensive, though: nearly fifteen bucks a sheet with tax.

Saturday has been elected as catch-up day. I'll be visiting no less than three previous customers, each needing some small thing completed. None of these go-backs were emergencies, nor are any of them particularly difficult. I'll probably average about half an hour at each home. Unfortunately, these service calls are scattered all around Western NY. The gas tank is full now, but sure to be nearly empty by the time I get home tomorrow afternoon. The gas expense (up nearly twenty cents a gallon in the last two weeks) and the time spent driving are far more annoying than the work involved. The good news is that most of these calls will be paid, because they are product-related (versus my own warranty). Give me a spot or two of sunshine, and I'll be just fine. Regardless, TGIF!

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