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Thursday, January 01, 2009

DIY Tile Pic of the Week: Faux Mosaic

Foyer Faux Mosaic Tile creates dramatic entry

faux mosaic foyer tile Helium executive Andrew Ressler sent me this photo from his most recent DIY tile project.

He wrote: " The tile I bought from Home Depot. I put it on over cement board also from Home Depot. I used a color-matched grout to really make it look nice. I used a 3/16" grout spacing. I think it looks better than the 1/8" that the store recommended.

"I put two coats of sealer on the grout just to be sure. The tile was porcelain and didn't need a sealer.

"The biggest challenge was cutting the tile on the edges were it met a wood floor. I didn't want to cheat with an overlaid piece of wood. Just one more thing to trip over. So I used a tile saw that allowed you to move the tile tray to get more accurate cuts than one were you move the tile over the tray."

DIY tile pic for week of Jan 1 2009

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