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Thursday, January 08, 2009

DIY Tile Pic of the Week: Tiny tile floor

Foyer powder room floor is small but eye-catching

small powder room, fancy tile

Our very latest DIY tile job was one of the smallest floors I've ever done, for our brand new powder room. We used left-over ceramic tiles from a couple previous jobs, blending them for a unique effect.

With less than 16 square feet to cover, this project called for simplicity. We hoped to achieve a touch of elegance, while blending this new tile floor into our existing tile foyer. Each area uses shades of brown and tan, and features large (12" square or 13" square) tiles accented with much smaller tiles.

The foyer pattern uses two accent tile sizes in a symmetrical diamond pattern - much too busy for the new powder room. We thought at first to make a basic inset border using the brown tiles. Even this was too much, so we opted for an asymmetric "L"-shaped design instead. Bull-nosed base ("splash") tiles in a shade between the two colors used brought it all together.

The wall tiles you can see in the picture are the same color and type as the large floor tiles, but much smaller. We used the minimum width grout lines for those, and chose "alpine white" for grout, to compliment rather than match the floor's "mocha" grout selection.

The finished job has a regal Tudor feel to it, without being overbearing. What do you think? Good choice, or still over the top for such a tiny room?

DIY tile pic for week of Jan 5 2009

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