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Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday all day fence job

Today was another all-day job for Mike and me. We worked at a very nice house on Baird Road, Penfield north. While the rain only sputtered, the ground was wet and spongy, making foot-travel a pain. It was a long walk back and forth all day, trucks to jobsite, carrying tools and some very heavy materials. This one called for a nearly eight-foot-tall privacy fence, using the "shadow" effect and some lattice up top for decoration. Lots of ladder work, and tons of repetitive cutting/fitting. In the end, it turned out quite nicely. We finished our "easy" Friday job right about sunset (which will come an hour earlier on Monday!). Both of us went home pretty tired, but at least not starving. Lunch was Wendy's, eat & run style.

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