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Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday's big bath

Started a brand new bathroom job today. Great house in a stunning neighborhood. Really nice people, too. What a busy day, though! This is new construction in an existing home, creating a bathroom where none was before. Met with Pete Steltmann and John Metzger (sales managers) this morning to go over scope-of-work. Then two guys showed up to do the new skylight, with perfect timing on a sunny-and-sixty day. Next came the plumbing contractor, since this one requires all new supply and drain lines fed up to the second floor (a bit more than I like to dig into!). The electrician, Kevin, joined the party after lunchtime. It was a hectic few hours, and the time flew by. I even got some work done, framing up various new partition walls so the tradesmen can do their thing tomorrow. Very good first day.

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