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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Day Three for a Christmas Kitchen

Today's "to-do" list would have depressed me, so I ignored it as much as possible. There was so much to do on this new kitchen that I couldn't really process it all. Instead, I just plugged in all the tools and went to work. That strategy paid off nicely. I actually accomplished more than I would have been willing to write down on that list! Having the right tools, easy access to the jobsite, and a workshop (breezeway) right next to the kitchen--not to mention a very nice, considerate customer--made everything go well. If I only had a camera with me, and a good "before" picture...

Here's what I wrote in the job-log today, for this kitchen: (on-site, 8:30-5:30) Start-to-finish [S2F after this], clear pine soffit, scribe molding, and crown. S2F--100% custom corner cabinet. S2F--plumbing plus sinkbase installed, with 6" fillers as needed. S2F--range hood fan-lite combo. ...Whew! I'm not bragging, I'm simply amazed at what I got done by pretending all those things didn't need to get done today (they did, in fact!). Sometimes I get too stressed out and over-think the day's work that lies ahead of me. You know, when you can't fall asleep because your brain is going 'round-n-'round for the next day.

This one should be all but done by tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure I would finish, except that the very last (for all time) Chase-Pitkin Christmas Party starts at noon. I don't mind getting there late; there's always something left to eat. But I want to see as many of the gang as possible. I'll never see a majority of these people again--many are leaving the field we're in now for new opportunities. So this will be a final chance to commisserate and to say good-bye. Some will leave quite early, so I'll probably miss those few. But I won't miss the party itself. We've all been together too long to miss this chance to say so-long. It ain't gonna be easy, I know that. By the way, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, too!

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