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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Week in Review, already!

Christmas is coming at warp speed. This past week flew by at a similar pace, too. The new kitchen is done, and turned out very nicely. The hardest part of that job was hauling off the old cabinets and countertops; it was uphill all the way. Cold, too--below twenty degrees. Thank God for inside work. Unfortunately, Thursday's job was mostly outside. I had to fix a door. That's something we don't do much anymore: fix things. Most of the time we replace things, which is fine. But it was nice to find that I still know how to repair, as well. This customer's entrance door was solid, but not well sealed and had some jamb damage. I did some strategic cutting, fashioned a new piece to replace the broken section, did some mortising, added some new weatherseal, and ended up with a servicable result. It's not brand new and perfect, but everything works fine and the customer didn't have to empty her savings account to get it done. Despite my numb fingers, it felt good.

Overnight leading into Friday a system of sleet, freezing rain, then snow moved in. There were accidents aplenty Thursday evening, and a whole slew of off-the-road incidents Friday morning. One driver found himself in one of the ponds along the expressway near our home. That brought out the whole fire department, plus a fleet of tow-vehicles. Schools were mostly open, though. I kept it close to home. Measured the countertop for next week's kitchen and got those numbers delivered to the countertop shop. Had to go over some website info with Frank there, and then off to the next item on my list. That was a service call for a big bathroom job done earlier this year, for a customer who's been very patient about it. Took just a few minutes, and on down the road I went. One day closer to Christmas, and only a few hundred more things to do and finish by then!

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