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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The End (of the year) is Here!

Today is not just any Saturday, it's the last day of 2005. We've had gloomy skies, moderate temperatures, about an inch of snow--nothing special. These are, however, the final hours of the year. A New Year is knocking at the door. We'll be making resolutions, going to the gym, setting new goals, and celebrating another year endured, perhaps. I've taken a few days off, after putting the finishing touches on Millie's kitchen. Soon it will be time to go back to work, and face whatever challenges 2006 presents.

This is not just any year-end, it's also the final days of Chase-Pitkin, my main employer since 1993. It doesn't feel like the end yet, with so much work still to be done. Soon enough, though, those few remaining jobs will be complete. Then a truly new year will begin for me: a new employer, new contacts, and new places to buy my tools and supplies. I'm not overly concerned about this uncertainty, but I'm certainly saddened by the impending closing of the entire Chase-Pitkin chain. I've met so many good people over the years; and I'm not sure how many of them I'll ever see again. I'll miss the Sales, Labor, and support staff at the office most of all. As those fine folks go their separate ways, the end of an era (for me) will have arrived. I wish every one of them well, wherever they go.

So Happy New Year to you all. To Blane, who's been there since the beginning. To Dave R, who moved on a few years back, but left big footprints behind. To Rick P, who stepped into those footprints and filled them admirably. You've been a fine "boss" and friend. To John M, and Pete S in Sales: bright futures for you both. To Sabrina, the very best. To Jim A, who never let me down. To John K, and Jim D: I'll miss you both very much. To all the incredible Kitchen Designers (too many good ones to name each), who helped create so much good work for some many great customers: I hope I get to see your names on plansheets again someday. All of these people, and too many more, will be starting over this New Year. For some it will be difficult and depressing; and for others the opportunities will surpass their best hopes. Wherever you go, and whatever you end up doing, I hope it's a truly Happy New Year for every one of you!

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